Ultrasound – Pregnancy

Private ultrasound for pregnancy

Baby scans are often one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. Something about seeing how your baby has developed since your last appointment as your bump grows makes it all feel real.

On top of getting the chance to see your baby, pregnancy ultrasound scans also have several important purposes including:

  • Checking the baby’s size
  • At earlier scans, calculating your due date
  • Checking whether there is one baby, twins, or more
  • Monitoring your baby’s growth
  • Determine the baby’s sex
  • Detecting any abnormalities early on
  • Making sure you have optimum levels of amniotic fluid

Pregnancy scans also let your sonographer see the position of your baby and the placenta to help you prepare your birthing plan accordingly.

Private ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy also give you more options than if you were to go through the NHS.

At Parkhill Health Care, we provide viability scans in the first six to ten weeks of pregnancy to check that your fetus is developing normally. This gives you extra reassurance if you have had pain or bleeding or if you have previously had a miscarriage.

You can also find out the sex of your baby during your gender scan. While some hospitals do this at your anomaly scan between weeks nineteen and twenty-one, not all do. That’s why many parents opt for a private ultrasound to find this out.

However, one of the most popular reasons expecting mothers choose to have a private ultrasound is to receive a 3D or 4D scan.

These pregnancy scans allow you to actually see your baby’s face and features, while a 4D scan even shows them moving around in real-time. You can see your baby stretching, kicking, yawning, and sucking their thumb months before they arrive; even receiving pictures and videos to take home with you.

The NHS offer all women two scans during their pregnancy. At Parkhill Health Care you can feel confident knowing you can have as many as often as required with minimal waiting times.

The Parkhill sonography team offer the following types of Obstetric scans:

 Early dating scan 

Available from just 7 weeks instead of the usual 12 weeks. This will give you confirmation that you are pregnant and we can let you know if all is well at this early stage of pregnancy.

 Nuchal Scan

Available only from 10 weeks & 6 days – 13 weeks.  A nuchal scan can assess the risk of your baby having Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. During the scan, you would also give us a blood sample. The results of which would be interpreted and given to you by the sonographer a few days later. 

Reassurance and baby sexing scan 

Available from 17 weeks. This scan is to assess how your baby is developing inside the womb, we will check measurements and also the amniotic fluid. If the baby is in the correct position we can also usually provide you with the gender in this scan.

Detailed anatomy scan 

Available from 18/19-26 weeks. Your sonographer will undertake an assessment of your baby’s head, brain and face. Chest and abdomen, including kidneys, liver, bladder and heart. Spine, the cord insertion, all four limbs and position of hands and feet. The placental site and fluid surrounding your baby. Also the baby’s general growth. It is important to remember that not all abnormalities can be seen at all stages of pregnancy. 

 3D and 4D scans 


Available from 26 Weeks. 

Growth and wellbeing scan 

Available from 28 – 40 weeks. The scans are usually performed to assess your babies development including growth. They are key to establishing that your baby’s measurements are within normal range, for both the parents and midwife. 

 Presentation scan

Available from 38 – 40 weeks. This is an important scan that will show the position of your baby close to the due date. During the scan, your sonographer would also check vital aspects of your pregnancy such as the position of your baby and the placenta, blood flow in the umbilical cord, the amount of amniotic fluid, the baby’s heart rate and the measurement of your baby.


To find out more about private ultrasounds for pregnancy and medical imaging, call the Parkhill team today on 01204 770 600 or email us at info@parkhillhealthcare.co.uk