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Shanela Chaudary

Holistic Therapist

Holistic Therapy

Shanela Chaudary is an Holistic therapist, specialising in women’s reproductive care, supporting women though fertility enhancements & womb dysfunctions such as PCOs and endometriosis to name a few.   Shanela loves her fire cupping. She has developed her cupping & hijama techniques to offer an very effective deep detox treatment. She has developed the 3D massage that has received incredible reviews.   Her study of TCM principals & medical acupuncture has enabled her to develop deep diagnostics & treatment plans. Her application of auricular acupuncture has helped her to get phenomenal results.   Shanela has experience treating a wide variety of concerns from musculoskeletal to stress & anxiety problems, not to mention detox treatments, but her primary passion is women’s health.   After years of struggling with infertility & miscarriages also experiencing many negative side effects from western medicine, Shanela’s personal experience is what fuels her daily purpose; it is her mission to help women achieve vibrant and radiant health throughout the entirety of their life.   Shanela’s treatment philosophy is to treat the root cause of your concerns and to gently encourage balance in your body. Regardless of where you’re at on your health and wellness journey, it is her promise that she will always meet you where you’re at and coach you to where you want to be.