Shanela Chaudary

Holistic Therapist

Shanela Chaudary is an Holistic therapist, specialising in women’s reproductive care, supporting women though fertility enhancements & womb dysfunctions such as PCOs and endometriosis to name a few...

Sara Price

Holistic Therapist

Coming soon!

Alan Payne

Herbalist & Iridologist

In recent years some of the most useful advances in Iridology (Iris Assessment) have been made in the areas which help us to know more about someone’s personality, including their emotional and spiritual make-up. Signs in each iris, will often reveal information relating to how and why we respond to our world in the ways that we do. This information often provides the answers to many questions which come under the heading of ‘soul searching’, and often leads us to look at patterns within ourselves which might have roots going back many years, to childhood or even pre-birth, and which might be causing illness today.