Earwax removal

Professional ear syringing and ear candling therapy

Wax build-up and blockages can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful at times. Finding an effective earwax removal solution that works for you is the only way to soothe the symptoms – which is why we offer both ear syringing and ear candling.

Why do people need ear syringing?

Your body naturally produces earwax to protect the inside of your ear against dust, dirt and bacteria. Everybody has it, and the amount and type of wax can depend on a number of things including your age and environment. Ears are usually self-cleaning, but sometimes wax can build up and cause problems with your hearing and a range of other issues.

Signs that your ear may be blocked and you need earwax removal include:

  •  Earache
  •  Itchiness
  •  Dizziness
  •  An ear infection
  •  Difficulty hearing
  •  High pitched tones coming from inside the ear

Some people may naturally produce an excess of wax, leading to recurring issues with their ears. Similarly, if you have narrow ear canals or wear a hearing aid, earplugs or frequently use earphones, you are more likely to experience earwax build-up and need earwax removal.

Can I treat earwax build-up without the need for ear syringing?

When these uncomfortable signs of earwax build-up occur, you may be tempted to remove the earwax yourself using a cotton bud instead of making an ear syringing appointment however this can make the situation much worse.

Cotton buds push the wax even further into the ear canal and can cause itching and dryness as they strip your skin of important natural oils. Water can also make the wax expand, which is why you may find symptoms feel worse after swimming or showering.

This treatment effectively extracts the excess wax from your ear canal. Ear syringing helps you hear better, prevents infection, and generally makes life more comfortable.

Ear syringing at Parkhill

At your ear syringing consultation, our doctor will examine your ears and talk you through your options. We offer a professional ear syringing procedure – we can clinically remove your earwax using our advanced, state-of-the-art ear syringing machine.

Ear syringing, also known as ear irrigation, works by slowly drawing the wax out of the ear. The machine effectively washes the ear canal out with warm water, clearing any blockages of earwax as it goes.

When you come in for your ear syringing consultation at Parkhill, your doctor may ask you to begin your treatment at home by softening the earwax prior to your appointment to reduce the risk of perforating the ear drum. This will involve applying ear drops – this can be olive oil or an ear drop solution – two or three times a day for 3-5 days before your procedure.

The ear syringing machine works by squirting jets of warm water into the ear to dislodge the wax which then falls out of your ear with the liquid. You may feel slightly dizzy following your ear syringing treatment but this will settle down quickly, so you can start enjoying being able to hear and feel better right away.

Hopi ear candling therapy

Thermo-auricular therapy – or Hopi Ear Candling – is a holistic alternative to ear syringing that many of our patients enjoy. It is an extremely gentle and relaxing treatment which helps to reduce symptoms associated with various ear, nose and throat conditions.

At your ear candling appointment, all you need to do is lie back and relax whilst our highly trained practitioner places a special lit candle on your outer ear. The candle then burns for between ten and fifteen minutes before being removed. Meanwhile you’ll then be given a gentle, soothing massage to which as a result will encourage the wax to drain from the ear.

Hopi ear candling is an extremely popular therapy to treat many conditions including deafness caused by excess wax and tinnitus. The procedure is extremely gentle, often making it more suitable for those who are unable to have ear syringing for various reasons.

Many say the treatment is a very pleasant experience with many of our patients reporting they noticed hearing and nasal breathing continuing to improve for many days following their ear candling procedure.

Ear syringing and ear candling treatments at Parkhill

Our doctors and practitioners are highly trained in the most popular and advanced methods of earwax removal. If you are experiencing discomfort and problems with your hearing because of earwax build-up, book your consultation with our expert team today.

Not all treatments are suitable for everyone, so your doctor will ask you a number of questions at your consultation to make sure you find the best solution for you.

Our ear syringing prices are as follows:

Procedure Cost
Initital Consultation FREE
Treatment per session £50 for 1 ear 
£80 for both

Our hopi ear candling prices are as follows:

Procedure Cost
Initital Consultation £25
Treatment per session £35 per ear

To find out more about our ear syringing and ear candling treatments, feel free to call us on 01204 770 600 or come see us at the Parkhill to make your appointment.