Dentures in Bolton

Acrylic Dentures

At Parkhill Health Care we offer a wide range of dentures to suit all our patients’ needs, ranging from our standard quality dentures up to our premium dentures our team of professionals are here to explain advise and listen to all our patients’.

Ivobase Dentures

The Ivobase system incorporates an injection moulding technology and especially designed PMMA resins and is paired with only the finest quality teeth available, this system produces a more accurate fit and exceptional comfort.

Flexible Dentures

We offer the option Duraflex flexible dentures for patients who cannot accommodate acrylic dentures. Unlike conventional rigid acrylic dentures flexible dentures can adjust easily to and irregularities in the mouth.

Cobalt Chrome Dentures

Cobalt chrome dentures are a metal base denture with higher dimensional stability than acrylic dentures, they are thinner and stronger than conventional acrylic dentures due to this they feel less intrusive and easier to adapt to.

Mandibular Suction

Mandibular suction dentures are for the full bottom ridge, they are very retentive and stable. For more information regarding these please speak with our Clinical Dental Technician John.

Case Study

Before Immediate and mandibular dentures
After Immediate and mandibular dentures

This patient had all his top teeth removed and immediate dentures made to replace them, he then had mandibular suction dentures on the bottom.