Meet the Parkhill Dental Phobic Specialist

Dr Alexia Malik

Dr Alexia Malik

General Dentist & Dental Phobic Specialist

B.D.S (Newcastle 2007), 2009-11 Clinical trainer at James Cook University, Cairns, Australia. 2016 Foundation Hypnosis (British Society of Academic and Clinical Hypnosis). 2016 Quick Straight Teeth (orthodontics). 2017 Certification in aesthetic &cosmetic dentistry (Prof Tiptons Training Academy).

GDC No. 113247

In a nut shell – I am a general dentist that is a people person, professionally I have a specialist interest in cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry including emergency dentistry and working with children. However, as a people person I specialise in caring for patients whom are nervous, anxious or phobic. I tailor my skills and time according to each individual and their fears and concerns. I listen and take onboard their concerns and try and reduce or remove the barrier that’s preventing them from their end dental goal, be it emergency work or the smile of their dreams. I help patients overcome their fears one step at a time by giving them good dental experiences to replace the old bad ones and I work with them at their pace and explain everything thoroughly. My patients know what’s going to happen at every stage and together we get the work done at their pace and at every step of the way the patient feels that they are in complete control of what happens. I am trained in hypnosis and use this regularly in the surgery with certain patients to help get patients into a relaxing and calm state in order to perform treatments successfully or I can conduct hypnotherapy sessions to help remove or overcome phobias.

My history

Despite my foreign sounding marital surname ‘Malik’ I am actually English and was born and bred in Devon in the South West. I dreamt of becoming a dentist from a young age and my dreams came true when I qualified at Newcastle University in 2007, I spent one year in the NHS as I didn’t like how it didn’t give me enough time to listen to and care for the patients concerns. So, I left the UK behind to become a flying dentist treating the Aboriginals in Australia. I have had a diverse life living in the rainforest, flying great lengths to treat patients, driving hundreds of miles between clinics in the outback, working in many countries doing charity work-sailing in and out of cannibalistic islands in Vanuatu to treat tribes who’d never seen a dentist before or a ‘white’ person to navigating the Amazon rainforest in Peru and subsequently working in vibrant Pakistan.

Many people ask me why I came back from such an action-packed life, well eventually I came back to my roots to settle down and marry my husband and start a family. I have two lovely children Lilly and Billy, both toddlers. I believe in positivity and being kind to people and animals, as an artist who loves to paint (but never gets the time), I appreciate aesthetics and have strived to bring this into my clinical profession as a dentist. Together with my people skills and immense patience I am very suited towards helping those that need it most to get the smile they’ve always wanted or that ‘broken tooth’ restored. I have lots of hands on experience with patients who are nervous from my time working in different countries.

What can I do

First I will have a consult with every new patient in our friendly consultation room to meet the patient and find out what is needed.

For patients that can step into a surgery I do examinations and cleanings; restorations (white fillings); endodontic treatment (root canal), bridge placement; denture construction; extractions; periodontal treatment and cosmetic treatment including replacing metal fillings with white fillings, veneers and smile design. I also do Quick Straight Teeth orthodontic straightening using white brackets which is for minimal tooth movement over 3-9 months.

If a patient is very nervous I can offer a number of hypnosis sessions to help them get over their phobia, followed by acclimatisation from the therapy room to the dental surgery so that the patient feels more comfortable to step into a surgery to have treatment done anywhere in the world with any dentist, not necessarily with me. This is not always necessary, sometimes just hypnosis whilst the patient is in the dental chair is all that is needed to help make the dental experience become more comfortable or to to enable commencement of emergency treatment or more complex treatments like achieving the smile of their dreams. Hypnosis sessions isn’t always needed but that’s why we have the initial consult first to decide what we need.

I enjoy it every time an anxious or dental phobic patient leaves my surgery saying that they needn’t have been nervous about today’s visit because it was much easier than they thought it would be and they wish they’d met me years ago, then they wouldn’t have had to suffer with their apprehensions about going to see the dentist.

Dr Alexia Malik is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

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