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Blood Testing in Bolton

Blood testing with fast results with Park Hill Healthcare

Blood testing can be used to diagnose and monitor a wide range of different conditions and other health problems. Much of the time, a doctor will refer you for a blood test in order to get a better idea of what is going on inside of your body.

That’s because your blood contains a lot of information and can give us many clues about the state of your overall health. A blood test could explain why you are feeling a certain way as well as point to problems that may be occurring that you might not even be aware of just yet.

Blood tests take just a few minutes to complete here at our clinic in Bolton with some test results coming back within just days.

Why might I need a blood test?

If you’ve been told you should have a blood test, this could be for a number of different reasons. Most commonly, blood testing is used to diagnose an infection, for genetic condition screening, or to check on your organs.

Common blood tests we carry out here at our Bolton clinic for our patients include:

  • Blood cholesterol testing

    Blood cholesterol tests are a vital form of blood testing which assesses how high a person’s cholesterol (a fatty substance which can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes) levels are.

  • Blood cultures

    For these tests, a sample of your blood is taken and mixed with different nutrients in order to encourage the growth of bacteria. This shows whether certain types of bacteria are present in your blood.

  • Blood glucose test

    This type of blood testing is used to check the level of sugars you have in your blood. This is necessary for both diagnosing and monitoring patients with diabetes.

  • Blood typing

    You may also require blood testing to find out what your blood group is, possibly before donating blood or having a transfusion. This is also a common test for pregnant woman as complications can arise if the baby has a different blood type (rhesus disease).

  • Cancer blood tests

    Blood testing can be used to help diagnose certain cancers and can even show whether you may be at an increased risk of developing a particular type of cancer due to the presence of certain genes, antigens and proteins.

    Preparing for your blood testing appointment at our Bolton clinic

    You may be given specific instructions by your nurse prior to your blood testing appointment at our Bolton clinic. Depending on your blood type and the kind of tests that are to be carried out, you may be told to avoid drinking or eating for twelve hours before your appointment or to stop taking certain medication.

    If you are given specific instructions, it is extremely important that you follow them to ensure our blood test is accurate otherwise it may need to be carried out again.

    Blood testing procedure at our surgery in Bolton

    When you come in for your blood testing appointment at our Bolton clinic, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable. We understand that some patients feel worried when it comes to having blood taken so please feel free to bring a friend along with you if you would like.

    Blood tests usually involve taking the sample from a blood vessel in your arm, either from the inside of your elbow or from your wrist. That’s because there are a lot of veins relatively close to the surface in these areas, making it easier for your practitioner and much more comfortable for you to take blood.

    Your nurse will tie a band around your upper arm and may ask you to clench your fist to help make your veins more pronounced. They will then clean the area with an antiseptic wipe before taking the blood

    You may feel slightly dizzy once the blood has been taken but this will pass quickly. You may be asked to apply light pressure with some sterile wool before a plaster is placed. You may also notice some slight bruising around the affected area for a few days after.

    Once taken, your blood sample is sent away to our local private hospital where it is analysed by a top of the range testing facility. While some results may come back the same day, others can take anywhere up to 14 days to test. When we receive the results of your blood test, we will give you a ring or call you back into our Bolton surgery.

    Blood testing at Park Hill in Greater Manchester

    Blood tests help medical professionals diagnose a wide range of conditions, problems, and diseases. If you need a blood test urgently, speak to our healthcare team today on 01204 770 600, or pop in and see us at the Park Hill surgery in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Our prices for blood testing are:

Procedure Cost
Initital Consultation £25
Blood Test £50