Facial Skin Analysis Machine in Bolton

Bespoke skin analysis machine at Park Hill in Bolton

At Park Hill, we utilise a wide range of modern technologies to give our patients the most advanced and highest quality treatment possible.

For one, we implement an industry-leading facial skin analysis machine to help us develop targeted treatment programs to suit your needs; meaning you will receive a completely personalised treatment plan to help you achieve your dream results.

How does the facial skin analysis machine work?

We use an incredibly high tech facial skin analysis machine from specialist skincare technology firm Opatra.

The device uses a skin care photographic imaging tool which is able to provide clinical measurements of skin conditions you may have both on the surface and beneath your facial skin.

Using digital images technologies through RGB visible light, UV spectrum light and PL polarised light, the facial skin analyser can give your practitioner an unrivalled insight into your skin and what it needs.

This technology is frequently used by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and other skin care professionals across the globe. The facial skin analysis machine captures multi-spectral photos of the face from every angle; closely examining every inch of your complexion for signs of wrinkles, spots, pores, bacteria, sun damage, acne and more.

In addition to this, this highly advanced technology can grade your skin against the average of someone of your age and skin type to search for irregularities.

Whilst this all may sound quite personally invasive, the facial skin analyser is designed to pick up on particular conditions and issues within the skin, allowing your skin care specialist to formulate the best possible treatment plan for your specific needs.

The facial skin analysis machine from Opatra reviews the skin in a number of ways, for example the epidermal skin analysis feature examines the colour of depth, property of skins and types of skin problems present, whereas the wrinkle analysis notes the properties, density and depth of a wrinkle in the skin, whilst recommending ways of clearing it.

Dermisonic and anti-bacterial treatment in Greater Manchester

In addition to the facial skin analyser, we also use the antibacterial kit from Opatra, in combination with our top-of-the-range Opatra Dermisonic device.

This incredible treatment can be used for the deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin – removing all dead cells and bacteria to reveal your fresh, youthful face underneath.

We combine powerful blue light therapy and ultrasonic waves with the soothing application of specialist facial creams; resulting in exfoliation on a cellular level that leaves you looking healthy, hydrated and radiant.

The Dermisonic creates youthful, beautiful skin by:

  •  Stimulating healthy blood flow
  •  Aiding lymphatic drainage
  •  Removing dead skin cells
  •  Increasing cell production and metabolism
  •  Removing toxins from the skin
  •  Tightening and toning skin around the face and neck
  •  Refining pores
  •  Reducing the appearance of acne and blemishes
  •  Lightening dark under eye circles
  •  Fading scars, freckles, age spots and redness
  •  Improving overall skin texture and tone

Facial skin analysis and Oparta treatments in Bolton, Greater Manchester

If you’re interested in a fully personalised skin care treatment plan formulated by the very latest technological advancements, speak to the experts at Park Hill about our facial skin analysis today. Our prices for facial skin analysis are:

Initial consultation£25

To find out more about the facial skin analysis, our antibacterial kit and the Opatra Dermisonic, feel free to call us today on 01204 770 600, or come in and see us at the Park Hill practice in Bolton, Greater Manchester to book your consultation today.