Parkhill Health Care provides Dermal Filler Treatments in Bolton

Here at Parkhill we offer an effective treatment for deep lines and wrinkles. They can help reduce deep lines and wrinkles, fill hollows, enhance sunken cheeks and smooth the contours of your face. Anti-ageing facial fillers are the non-surgical way to achieve younger looking skin and provide volume for tired lines and wrinkles.

At Parkhill Health Care we take a holistic approach to treatment with Dermal Fillers. We take the time to discuss your goals and aims in great detail and what you would like to achieve at your initial consultation.

Our aim is to ensure we provide you with the very best, and latest non-surgical cosmetic services providing you with the natural and subtle results that you deserve.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are temporary “gel like” cross linked synthetic materials, made up of Hyaluronic acid, which is a carbohydrate sugar know as a muccopolysaccharide.

Essentially Dermal Fillers are a natural component of our skin that can be synthesised.

Dermal fillers can restore and revolumise skin and facial contours including correction of mid facial asymmetry and volume loss, to form a more youthful appearance they are longer lasting than antiwrinkle injections.

Dermal Agents can also be used to improve the facial appearance globally including, correction of thinning unbalanced lips, enhancing facial beautification and attractiveness, improving facial shape along with filler out deeper folds and wrinkles to improve skin texture and tone.

At Parkhill Health Care, we take a less is more approach to treatment provided using Dermal fillers and our aim is to be open and honest with our patients about making realistic changes which will benefit emotional and physical wellbeing.

We work within your budget, and we guide you on treatment choices which maximise your results in line, with the budget that you have to spend, this may mean postponing treatment till you are in a position to sustain results over the longer term or this could mean focusing on treatment in stages to ensure treatment is accessible and you get the very best results from your treatment choices at our clinic, which effectively addresses your presenting concerns.

Yielding subtle natural improvements to physical and emotional wellbeing is the aim of the game, in combination with a global and rejuvenated appearance, restoring your inner confidence whilst giving you natural and subtle results.

What to Expect?

Dermal Filler procedures are usually 30 – 40 minutes depending on the area to be treated and your desired outcome.

We start your procedure by:

  •  Clarifying your desired results
  •  Pre-treatment photographs are then taken of the areas of concern
  •  Make up and debris is removed and the area to be treated is cleansed
  •  A topical numbing cream is then applied for around 20 minutes and you will feel a slight tingling
  •  Using a white marking pencil your practitioner will mark out some landmarks and the areas to be treated

Slight discomfort is minimal and can occasionally be felt during your procedure, (in female patients hormones are usually the culprit.)

Filler is placed in 6-7 small injections, depending on your desired results, your trained practitioner will decide on where your product is best placed.

A little pinprick pressure and slight discomfort is commonly experienced, but this is worth tolerating if you desire to achieve your end results.

Minor bleeding during the procedure can occur and there can be some bruising which is temporary.

Massaging the product once placed is very important and we prepared you to expect some pressure and slight discomfort.

Swelling and bruising is very common following your procedure, do not be alarmed we recommend a little camouflage after 4 hours and some patience from our patients for over the next 7 days while this subsides.

We review all patients at 14 days post procedure – where final results can be assessed and photographic images taken.

At Parkhill we believe treatments must have an element of realism and we are open and honest with our patients.

There are multiple benefits, to having dermal filler treatments such as:

  •  Improved skin texture and tone
  •  Firm key facial structures
  •  Improved facial attractiveness
  •  Enhance Facial beautification
  •  Provide Natural and subtle looking results
  •  Restore – volume loss to the mid facial area in the maturer patient
  •  Balance, restore and define natural lip shape – adding definition and plumpness to overall lip appearance
  •  Enhance the appearance of thin aged or asymmetrical lips in the maturer patient and define lip shape in the younger patient
  •  Contour of the mid face and zygomatic arch, in the youthful patient, ensuring you are wearing the cheekbones you deserve

Are you a suitable patient to consider Dermal Fillers?

Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid Dermal fillers are a temporary solution and require maintenance over the longer term to maintain desired results – it is important to take this factor into consideration.

Can I sustain my results?

Dermal fillers can provide, subtle natural and realistic results, in suitable patients after a detailed face to face consultation with your trained practitioner, it is important to be open and honest regarding current and previous medical history, allowing us to provide the very best experience for you.

At Parkhill Health Care we offer preventative education and take the time to educate our patients surrounding the effects of dermal fillers and in relation to individual concerns.

We take the time- to listen, advise and recommend – how you can maximise your treatment results.

We believe extra time spent – working with our patients to ensure we take the time to answer all of their questions is a very important part in your treatment journey.

We are a team who want to understand your goals and aims and we make the time to do so in detail.

We believe that we are the very best team for you, to spend your hard earned investment with.

Further Benefits from Treatment

  •  Improved appearance of static lines and wrinkles. (observed when resting your facial muscles)
  •  Minimal downtime away from your normally daily routine
  •  No anaesthesia required
  •  Increased confidence and self esteem
  •  Greatly reduced risks than traditional – conventional surgery
  •  More affordable treatment
  •  Low allergy risk
  •  More youthful healthier looking skin

Treatment options

  •  Lip augmentation
  •  Lip volume
  •  Lip enhancement

Why consider Lip enhancement?

The natural ageing process can cause our lips to get thinner and lose definition, genetic factors can also cause a thin lip and uneven appearance leading to a lack of self-confidence.

Lip augmentation using dermal fillers is designed to balance and improve the appearance, size and shape of the lips providing patients with natural and subtle results.

What to expect during my procedure?

Lip enhancement is achieved by injecting filler into the lip until the desired shape and volume is achieved.

6-7 insertion points are made into the lips using a very fine needle, we prepare you to expect a slight sharp scratch and some minor discomfort during procedural placement.

Results natural subtle, heart shaped lips, depending on individual goals and aims additional visits and additional volume and shape maybe required.

Treatment options

  •  Cheek enhancement
  •  Mid facial volume
  •  Contouring cheekbones

Check enhancement and cheek volume, is ideal for both the younger patient and maturer patient.

As we grow older, our cheek bones become less pronounced and we experience a flattening of the mid face, dermal fillers are used to correct and restore this un natural appearance.

Patients often wish to restore and add volume to the mid face along with correction, of repositioned facial fat tissue which flattens with age.

The leads to formation of deeper lines folds and furrows over the passage of time.

Patients in turn, notice a deepening of the nose to mouth line, which runs from the corner of the nose to the mouth corner and seek corrective measures.

Dermal fillers administered in stages, can correct this aged appearance, restoring definition and shape providing a plump and youthful mid face.

Patients in their younger years, usually seek cheek augumentation with an aim in mind, enhancing existing facial beauty. This is known as facial beautification.

Dermal fillers can improve, facial shape, sculpt cheekbones and add definition to the zygomatic arch, providing a contouring effect, which frames and shapes the mid face enhancing facial beauty.

Maturer patients, notice greater volumetric changes and often seek restorative treatments replacing volume loss and correcting noticeable asymmetries, providing lifted and natural results.

As we grow older, our cheeks become less pronounced and we experience a flattening of the mid face, dermal fillers are designed to correct and restore this un natural appearance.

Our approach to treatment, using Injectable fillers yields natrual and subtle results restoring inner confidence and enhancing physical beauty.

Cheek can also enhance natural existing shape providing you with additional definition, sharper cheek bones, beautification and superior facial attractiveness.

Cheek augmentation using dermal agents, provides a lifted effect to the mid facial area, providing patients with an affordable, effective check enhancement with minimal downtime away from normal daily activities.

  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatments
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Non-surgical facelifts

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