3D Massage

The 3D massage consists of:

A medical massage that works across the muscle & relaxes it. This treats injury or other physical ailments, it also reduces inflammation.

This is followed by a deep tissue treatment which works the muscle downwards and finds the knots. 

Thirdly a tool assisted technique is used to treat knots and crossed fibres. This relaxes the whole muscle. 

Finally the treatment is finished with dry heated fire cupping, which in essence gives a reverse massage by pulling the muscle upwards. 

This has the added effect of increasing the blood flow to the local area hence loosening the whole muscle. 

Get your complete 3D massage which solves your issues with Holistic Pincups at Parkhill Health Care.

When meeting Shanela she spoke very passionately about the work she did, this made me decide to book a treatment. What an incredible experience, from first entering the building I was content, due to a lot more personal understanding about holistic treatments I was happy to see this in a health centre.


Shanela is a true professional she understands the body on many levels and the way she accommodates the service to fit your needs is outstanding.  My physical aches felt eased and I felt as though I had gained knowledge. I am already recommending her to many others. 


Call a member of our friendly team on 01204 770600 to enquire and book in for a 3D massage. Alternatively for more information please fill out the enquiry form on the right and a member of the team will contact you shortly.