24 hour blood pressure monitoring tests

Simply living your life as normal can cause your blood pressure to change many times throughout the day. Whether you’ve been exercising, eating, or resting, what you do has an impact on your heart rate which can make it difficult to get an accurate reading of your health.

On top of this, the process of going in to a health centre to have your blood pressure tested can make some patients a little nervous; causing blood pressure to spike and the results of your test to be incorrect or misleading.

This is known as ‘white coat syndrome’ and it can make things difficult for doctors trying to measure how a life change or new medication is affecting your blood pressure. It also often means patients are diagnosed with high blood pressure when this simply isn’t the case.

That’s why we offer a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring test to gain an accurate insight into your blood pressure levels throughout the day.

When would I need ambulatory blood pressure monitoring?

By measuring your blood pressure at regular intervals throughout the day, your doctor gets a much clearer picture of your average blood pressure and how your day-to-day life impacts on it.

There are a number of reasons we might recommend an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring test. If you are particularly susceptible to ‘white coat syndrome’, it may be a better option to read your levels away from the clinic.

The chances are that you will be a lot more relaxed in your own home so we can see your real blood pressure readings without any outside factors effecting it.

24 hour blood pressure monitoring is particularly helpful when you start taking new medications. If you’ve recently been prescribed beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, or other medication for high blood pressure, we can see how effective these are using ambulatory blood pressure monitoring throughout the day.

These regular readings mean our healthcare team can assess exactly when your blood pressure increases and decreases at different times of day and during different activities accurately, rather than just a snapshot of your blood pressure when you’re sat in the chair at our practice.

What happens during 24 hour blood pressure monitoring?

You’ll be given an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device at our health care centre which you then wear over the next 24 hours. This small digital machine is worn on a belt around your waist with a comfortable inflatable cuff on your upper arm.

This then works like a normal blood pressure checker; inflating the cuff and slowly releasing to take blood pressure readings. You’ll feel the cuff fill with air every fifteen to thirty minutes or so during the day and then every thirty minutes to an hour at night.

You’ll be able to sleep with your arm cuff on and simply put the machine under your pillow or beside your bed in the night.

This allows our team to see exactly how your blood pressure changes throughout your usual daily routine. The only things you’ll need to avoid are swimming, baths, and showers until your test is complete.

You will also be asked to keep a diary of what you were doing just before the reading was taken, such as walking upstairs, working, or resting. Note down what time you went to bed, when you got up, and when you took any medications, so we can see if and how this affected your blood pressure.

At the end of the twenty-four hours, you can remove your machine and cuff and bring it back to the Parkhill Health Care Centre. The device will have stored all of your readings for our team to analyse and report the findings back to you.

How much does ambulatory blood pressure monitoring cost?

Your 24 hour blood pressure monitoring gives you an accurate picture of how your day to day life and medications impact on your blood pressure levels.

The initial consultation with our healthcare experts costs just £50. You’ll be assessed by our team to see whether ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is right for you before we go ahead.

You’ll be given your blood pressure monitoring cuff and machine. Your doctor will place your cuff in the right place and explain the process in more detail. At the end of your 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, you’ll drop your device back off at our surgery.

Our analysis experts will then compare the readings against your diary to see how your daily life and medication have impacted on your blood pressure. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring costs just £100 and you will receive a thorough report of our findings to take to your GP.

24 hour blood pressure monitoring

If you think you may have high blood pressure or would like to know if your current medications are working, speak to the Parkhill team today.

Call us on 01204 770 600 or email us at info@parkhillhealthcare.co.uk to arrange your ambulatory blood pressure monitoring consultation today.